First and foremost, is it worth the risk? Sure she might be hot, but what are the consequences if things go wrong, and they often do in the work environment.

On the flip side, in today’s busy, busy world, a lot of us (myself thankfully not included) are spending more time at the office, less time at home, which leaves little time for going out and finding someone. That coupled with some sweet ladies at the office place and it’s pretty hard to turn a blind eye.

Since there are two sides to every coin, let’s look at it from both sides and let you determine for yourself the best choice. If you’re working with someone you’ll (just in passing) learn a lot of about them, likes, dislikes and of course the ice is already broken, so striking up a conversation isn’t that difficult. Of course you may share common interests from the office (but that ain’t bedroom talk), so you might find you can easily enter into conversation and not be left wondering what to say, or how to say it.

So if she’s hot, and it’s a good match, then consider the good certainly, but let’s not lay down in the bed of roses just yet. Do you really want to see her every moment of every day? That’s kind of what you’re asking for…at night there she is in all her glory, but hen the next day those sly winks might be fun, but they could also be dangerous.   No matter who she is or how strong the chemistry, we all need a little alone time, right? Maybe not at first when the passions are running high, but think about later and how it might affect your day, or your performance.

Now then performance and we’re not talking about the kind of performance that says…«Was it good for you?»  We’re talking about doing your job and measuring up to your boss. Of course if you are the boss then this might not apply. But what if, what if she’s under you (not literally guys – keep your pants on), and the day comes when (dread) you have to give a performance review, or worse yet, maybe let her go.

Let’s put that one aside and just think about this one, say there’s something important happening and you have to decide between «good ‘old Bob», who’s really the best one for the job, and your sweet THANG sitting there smiling demurely (when you know what the night is liable to bring if you choose here), could you make an unbiased choice?

While it took me awhile to get over my own jealous nature, there were times in my (misspent) youth when I’d feel the flush of jealously rise if another guy even thought about making a move on my lady. But if you’re keeping the romance a secret (popular in the workplace), how are you going to deal with your buds when they say…«God she’s hot». If you can take it with a grain of salt, good for you, but if jealousy rears it angry head, you’re asking for trouble.

Clint Eastwood made a movie early in his career called, «The Good, The Bad and The Ugly». That’s the perfect end to this article; look at it from all sides before you take the plunge. It might be great in the beginning, but how is going to turn out down the road.

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