If you are the type of person that likes to dress up provocatible to stimulate your partner’s imagination, you are bringing great enrichment to your intimate encounters.
The clothes you wear are, with no place to doubt, the keys that will open thousands of possibilities for the erotism, seduction and even enjoyable sex games .

If you are going on a date with that person you like, procure to go with your best looks; don’t wear the first thing you find in the closet. It’s a matter of logic that you wear things that bring out your physical attributes; clothes that best fit with your skin color, and give you the perfect touch.
The misfortune comes by some kind of cosmic law, the day that the date we were waiting for comes; we can’t decide what to wear! We try on 10 outfits, the anxiety comes to us, and we end up wearing something that might not represent our best look.
How to pick an outfit to seduce?

Whenever we want that person to notice our attributes, we seek to show that physically we have good attributes to offer. And can we do just that with the combination of accessories we put over our skin.
A lot of people say that on the first dates, the impression we give is of great importance, but the truth is that we are to preserve that image and should always project it. We can’t let our looks wither in order to keep our partners interest.

To open the road of romance and desire or in order to maintain it open, we have to seduce, with no shame, with no inhibitions, with class, and with a subtle touch!
To choose the outfit for a big night, take in to consideration these 4 aspects:
Your real size
Your tastes
The place you are visiting
What do you want to say without words?
1-The real size:
It’s very unpleasant to see someone using something smaller than their real size because they don’t want to buy larger clothes? It makes the body look deformed by restricting it.
Besides, you are going to feel uncomfortable and it will project in your attitude through the night, and the results might not be the best.
2-Your tastes:
If you are going to wear something in order to seduce, don’t forget that the first one you have to seduce is yourself! Look for things that make you excited to wear, things that you like.
If you feel good with what you are wearing, you will give a more confident look of yourself, and we all love that attitude in a mate.
Don’t wear something just to make someone else like you, first like yourself and then go out to seduce.
3-The place you are going:
If you are going to the movies or to a casual dinner, there’s not much of a problem because anything will do.
But if it is to an outdoor activity or a sport event you are going, there’s no way you can use the same outfit that you would use, for example, on a fancy date, an elegant restaurant or a family dinner.
4-What do you want to say without words?
If you want to express that you are relaxed and that the date doesn’t bother you that much put on the first thing that you find and don’t worry about fixing your hair or even washing your face. But if you are trying to say that you are truly interested and you want to be the focus of attention then make yourself look good!
If you are trying to say that is not just sex you want tonight then it doesn’t depend that much on what you wear but on how you act.

So, be careful on how to combine these factors: clothes and attitude.
Sensual lingerie…
We have to be aware, whenever trying to seduce with our outfits that is not just the outside clothes that matter but the underwear also.
The excitement of a night can be prolonged with lingerie.
An example, if you want to vary a bit, use lingerie that are difficult to take off, like corsets, silks, stockings clips or lingerie with buttons.

Pick vibrant colors like, red, fuchsia, turquoise, or the one you prefer. Black and white never grows old.
As for the fabric of the lingerie, laces are always seductive classics. But now there are designs for lingerie that convine other sexy fabrics like tulle netting, lycra and cotton, these together with their saucy details give more eroticism to the bra, thong or baby dolls.
It’s important that when shopping for underwear you look to buy your size, especially when shopping for a bra, not only because it looks bad but also because if they don’t fit you properly it can be dangerous for your breast’s health.

In the case of a man, the sensuality of the underwear should also prevail. Now you might be wondering how to do this, because of the simplicity of man’s underwear, this is true, but simple doesn’t mean boring.
You can add a bit of craftiness and seduction to man’s underwear, if you buy them on vibrant colors , red, orange, green, blue… Another good change can be the fabric; change from cotton to spandex can be a nice twist.
Some designs on man’s underwear can be funny or intriguing; these are elements that do well in bed.
As for the shape or cut of the underwear, you have to always look for the one that emphasizes best (and helps) your abdomen, gluteus and rear end, while making sure that you and your member feel comfortable.
If you are bold, dress up with whipped cream or chocolate and let someone undress you…
Add more fun and sensuality to your intimate life with the use of disguises, edible clothes or body paint.

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