Learn how to approach women with these dating secrets from Derek Vitalio.
I was sitting at Starbucks doing my writing, when this stunning blonde came inside.
You could almost hear a pin drop as the guys turned to look in amazement and the women turned to looked with jealousy.

Two of the Starbucks guys immediately started hitting on her as they took her order, telling her how beautiful she was. But she only smiled, brushed them off, and sat down with her drink.
I went over and said, “Hi”- and within fifteen minutes she was punching her name and phone number into my cell phone. The two Starbucks guys just watched us, jaws open, not knowing what to think.
If you’d have asked me a few years ago if it were even possible to go up to a woman and get her number, I would have said, “YEAH RIGHT!”
But now I do it ALL THE TIME.
In fact, any night I go out I can get a few make-outs with girls and four or five phone numbers.
But most guys only freeze up in these kinds of situations, not knowing what to do or what to say.
And a few years ago, I was exactly the same way.
The few times I did get up the nerve to approach a girl, my face grew beet red and I wasn’t speaking coherently so much as stuttering.

Sometimes the girl thought my act was cute, but it never got me anywhere.
Later I tried online dating, only to get attacked by a desperate, fat war-pig of a woman.
That’s when I thought to myself”I HAVE TO CHANGE!”
I didn’t want to be stuck all my life without a woman or without a woman of MY choosing. I didn’t want to settle for a woman I didn’t really want, or worse, settle for no woman at all.
So I went on a personal mission and spent YEARS studying the female mind and the mechanics of sexual attraction.

Most of what I tried didn’t work – but some of what I did worked like pure GOLD.
Pretty soon I was juggling multiple women. And pretty soon, I was helping out my friends… and pretty soon they wanted me to help out THEIR friends.

So, by combining my Seduction Science System and Deep Inner Game, and by adding in FOUR free bonus books, I’ve created a new program called Get the Girlfriend.
You see, there’s no shame in learning how to be good with women.

After all, someone taught you how to drive a car before you got behind the wheel. Someone taught you how to read before you picked up a book. And someone has to teach you how to meet and attract women before you meet that special girl.

The only shame is to do nothing about it, and to continue living through a lonely and empty life without companionship.

This program will teach you how to get beautiful women in your life – perhaps that one special woman you have your eye on, or one that you may be yet destined to meet. But whatever your situation is, this program will achieve your goal.