Your overall image and style is an important aspect of your non-verbal value that women size up even before you open your mouth.
Hey, I want to talk a little bit about”style”today.

You know, I think that it goes without saying that although women don’t really care whether you are super good looking or not, they do care whether you have”a look”or not. This means having a hair style and clothing style that is an expression of your best self and one that communicates to her, non-verbally, that you are unique and interesting, unlike your generically dressed male counterparts.

Now I am no professional stylist or image consultant, but I have consulted hundreds of men over the years on their overall image and style with great success. It is an important aspect of your non-verbal value that women size up before you even open your mouth to decide whether they even want you to approach them and open them, leave alone attract them and seduce them.

If you would like to know more about the importance of demonstrating”non-verbal value”before attempting to open a conversation with a woman, let alone attracting her and seducing her, then you can purchase my ebook Maaximum Seduction. Anyway, here are a few tips I want to give you guys on style by way of Do’s and Don’ts.
Drop the mushroom hairstyles as they are outdated like Vanilla Ice.
Make sure you don’t let your hair sit flat on your head, but style it as in, slick it back, put it in a pony tail if you have long hair or layer it. If you have short hair, spike it up or style it using gel or paste.
Try to avoid wearing name brands as it makes you look generic and common.
Don’t wear runners with jeans. Make sure you get yourself a cool pair of boots or black shoes.
Don’t wear any undershirts or white shirts under your shirt. Leave your chest exposed.
Avoid baggy pants, or pants that are too tight.
Get yourself a cool pair of pants ideally black or blue straight-legged jeans.
Get yourself a cool, leather jacket with a lot of zippers or pockets if possible. Women love to touch these features all the time, especially in night time social venues.
Wear cool blazers or sports coats.
Get yourself a cool pair of shades.
Buy at least one piece of jewelry like a chain which you would wear around your neck or a ring to wear around your figers. It not only looks cool and gives you an edge, but makes for a great conversation starter piece for a woman to want to start a chat with you.
Try to wear something that women love to touch like fur (fedoras, jackets with fur collars, etc). Velvet is another awesome fabric that women love to touch. You can get it formatted into either pants or jackets at any mall or clothing store.

I want you guys to look at these galleries and see what I mean by”Cool.”So remember guys, women size you up before you even attempt to approach them and open them and decide whether they want you or not. They make this determination based on certain non-verbal mannerisms that you exhibit or not as soon as you enter the social venue. Part of these non-verbal factors is your clothing style.
To put it in another way, if you are to attract a woman that is a 9 or 10 on the social ladder and one who makes heads turn with her sexuality, confidence and clothing then you should also have that effect on her with your clothing style. Got it? Good!