Online dating is increasingly gaining popularity. One of the great things about online dating is it’s a discreet way to a much wider selection of people than in the ordinary, everyday life would be possible. This modern way to meet all women also has some pitfalls you should be aware.

The trap of the illusion
There is almost nothing that excites the imagination as an online contact with a stranger. With a handful of her details, her personality summed up in 100 words or less and a few sexy pictures are very tempting trap for guys on the Internet trying to find a partner. Therefore, you should always send some e-mails before you make any personal contact with her. Most guys who use online dating via beautiful photo and instantly becomes smitten with her, learn to relax and find out more about her than just a picture.
The pitfall of the photo
if you want to move from the computer to having a relationship in real life, first need to make contact with her via e-mail then move to voice communication with her over the phone and you’ll also need to exchange photos. Choose your photo carefully: do not send a picture where you are eight years younger or ten pounds lighter than you are now. Nor is it wise for you to any mild her picture of you with all of your brothers and sisters posing. When ever you stand a photo to a woman you met online, always make sure that there is a story that goes with the photo . Now the story may involve a vacation or it may involve an achievement whatever it is it doesn’t matter just make sure there’s a story that you can tell her about the photo.
The pitfall of the bluff
Never try and bluff a woman that you meet online. So many guys make the mistake of trying to make themselves sound better than what they really are. To me it’s crazy to lie about your employment, financial status, what you drive and where you live. If you really like this girl she is going to find out that everything you have told her is a lie.
So many guys think that it doesn’t matter if you lie to a woman who you met online. These crazy guys actually believe that when they meet face-to-face that she will respect him for trying to impress her with all of his lies. If you’d lie to a woman whether it be online or face-to-face she is not going to respect you. My advice whether you are talking to a woman online or to a woman you have met the first time never try and impress her, as most times it will only repel her.

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