Learn To Approach Good pick up lines is there such a thing? In one word NO. There is no such thing as good pick up lines . If you approach a girl with a pick up line , you are just shooting yourself in the foot. If you are the kind of guy who thinks that there are good pick up lines out there we really need to talk.

Using a pick up line to start a conversation is not only ineffective but a huge turn-off for the woman, I am glad I have finally gotten that off my chest. When I first work with a new client they always ask me what good pick up lines do I use, or can I give them some good pick up lines ? When I tell them I don’t use pick up lines and certainly don’t teach pick up lines they are amazed, as most guys think that pick up lines are the only way to start a conversation with a woman.
For some reason most guys think women are not very smart, let me tell you something women are very smart, your so called good pick up line has properly been used on her so many times that she will start cringing even before you finished it.
If you want to kill any chance you may have had with a women there is no better way than using a so called good pick up line. When you are trying to use your good pick up line on her this is what she is hearing “Hi, I really have no clue about approaching women so here is a line I learnt on the internet”
Pick up lines are all over the internet, there are sites and even eBooks that are dedicated to them. Ask yourself this question how many times have you used a pick up line and then ended up getting her phone number or taking her home the same night. I would guess very minimal, if at all.

Let’s have a look at the pick up line. Normally a pick up line is one sentence long, once you walk up to a girl and deliver your good pick up line you may get a smile or a laugh but 99% of the time you will get a look that says get away from me you creep!

What happens when you use you good pick up line and she shuts you down? Where do you go to from there? What if she laughed at your pick up line where do you go to from there? That’s one of many problems with pick up lines, there is nowhere to go after it. I will give you an example.
If your good pick up line was , ” Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?,” and then she says: “I think you should just keep walking” then turns back to her friends, of course with them all laughing at you.
Ouch, what are you going to say to her next? Not only have you lost any chance you had with her but now all of her friends think you are a fool as well. Guys lets be honest a smart girl can pick that you are using a pick up line from a mile away and to make sure you know that they have spotted you they will give you a hard time for using it, this is when the guy will think to himself she is a bitch. No she is not a bitch quiet rightly she was insulted by your pick up attempt and she let you know it.
So if pick up lines even good ones don’t work why do so many guys use them when they are trying to start a conversation with a woman? I have come up with three main reasons.
Reason 1. Some Guys Don’t Want To Do The Work.
It amazed me how little work some guys are prepared to put into themselves when it comes to the area of approaching and dating women. Most guys just want a fast and easy way that they can walk up to a beautiful woman and get her phone number, so they use what they consider good pick up lines. The problem here is most guys get shut down so many times by women because of these lines they become jaded. Some guys will go through their whole life and truly believe that the pick up lines are fine it is the women they are using them on that have the problem. If you invest some time into yourself in this area you will very quickly discover that pick up lines have been costing you dearly in the past. Let me ask you this would James Bond ever try and use a pick up line?
Reason 2. Guys think pick up lines are funny.
Now every guy knows or should know that one quality women always look for in men is the ability to make the laugh, most guys think pick up lines are funny so they try and use their good pick up lines to make her laugh. In theory this is a pretty good idea but the fact is most women don’t think pick up lines are funny most woman think they are just lame and boring. So instead of coming across as this funny guy you quickly become the lame boring guy and no girl wants to date a guy who is lame or boring!

Reason 3. Don’t know how to start a conversation any other way.
Personally I think this is the real reason most guys use pick up lines. If most guys didn’t use a pick up line on women they would have no other way of meeting them. I don’t know about you but I was never taught at school how to walk up to a stunning woman and start a conversation with her. It amazes me when I talk to a guy about pick up lines and they will say well everybody uses them as there is no other way to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation with her. If you walk up to a women with a pick up line and not much else you will never really have much success with women, every now and again you will get “lucky” but 99% of the time you will be shut down very quickly.
So now you know the reasons that guy actually use pick up lines lets have a look at the reasons that they don’t work.
Reason 1. They don’t stir any useful emotions with in her.
This is a very important point to understand. If you want a woman to feel attracted to you the first thing that you need to do when you speak with her is have the ability to stir some emotions with in her. Women like to feel that they are unique and special so when you are speaking with them they look for signs of this. When you use a pick up line she will feel as though this is what you say to all the girls, so she feels nothing. If there is no attraction created in the first few minutes of speaking to a woman you will quickly be disregarded as just another regular boring guy.
Reason 2. They don’t showcase you.

Pick up lines are not written to show case who you really are, if you are boring or lame then they show case exactly who you are. Every guy is different we all have a completely different set of traits and personalities. If you are trying to use pick up lines to meet women you are really telling her nothing about any of these traits. Women look for certain traits in guys, even if you have the set of traits she is looking for she will never be able to show them off using pick up lines.
Reason 3. She has heard them all before.
By the time a girl has left high school she has heard just about every pick up line there is, in fact she would have been subject to them many times, may be when she was 14 or 15 they may have worked. Women loved being approached, actually I will rephrase that; Women love being approached by cool funny guys. When you approach a girl the first thing she thinks is I wonder if he is like the rest of the guys or is he different, as soon as she hears your good pick up line you are automatically put into the rest of the guy pile.
Reason 4. Pick up lines make you look like your hiding something.
Beautiful women assume that if a guy tries to start a conversation with them using a pick up line is try to hide from a social deficiency. There is no bigger turn off for a woman than when she thinks the guy she is talking to her is not being genuine with her, nothing sets of the non-genuine alarm bells like our old friend the pick up line. Women by nature are very friendly and like the attention of a guy, instead of using the pick up line if you went up to the same girl with a “Hi. I’m….” she would at least give you a chance.

Reason 5. Most pick up lines are of a sexual nature.
Pick up lines were designed to come straight to the point most of the time. Most women don’t really take to kindly to have the idea of sex being brought up by a guy they have known for 5 seconds, in fact it makes most women uncomfortable. Even if all you wanted to do was meet the girl using a pick up line will make her believe that you only want to use her for sex. When a women believes that all you want from her is sex, the turn off alarm rings in her head.
Reason 6. The are closed conversation starters.

If you have decided to use a pick up line to start a conversation there is nowhere to go after woods. Most women will have a comeback for a guy that uses pick up lines, which will normally shut the conversation down very quickly. Remember our earlier example. Even if you are the kind of guy who can carry a conversation you are on the back foot even before you have started, why would you want to make things harder for yourself from the get go?
Successfully approaching women is so much more than trying to open with a good pick up line, this is what most guys don’t understand. Successfully approaching women is about the way you carry yourself, how confident you are, how cool you are, and that you don’t want anything from her, all you are doing is being social. When you approach a women like this and can create attraction you will never need to worry about pick up lines, you won’t need them.
If you have made it this far you must be interested in wanting to learn what works when you approach a woman, as a little thank you I want to give you a little free bit of advice and it is this.
The way you open a conversation is not as important as most guys make it out to be. Huge shock right? Let me explain.
When you approach a girl in a bar or club the most important part is what you say back to her when she says something to you. Why? Simple any guy can read a few pick up lines on the internet or buy a book with pick up lines in it and memorize them, but you can rehearse what she will say back.

Most women will always throw a quick test back at you when you open a conversation with them, they do this to find out if you are the pick up line guy or if there is more to you, if there is more to you now you have her interest. So forget about your good pick up lines and start doing some self-work.
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