just about every guy we have ever worked with over the years have been able to be put into one of the categories we’ve covered.

That list was put together, not to point any fingers, but to make you aware that if you are one of the guys we have spoken about, there are ways to change the current situation into the situation you would like. Something to take into account, it is very normal for a guy to be one way in the day and a different way at night when it comes to opening conversations with women.
So tell me what did you think? Did we miss any groups? If so let us know.
Personally, I think that we have covered the biggest mistakes guys make. You do remember The Big 10 don’t you? If not here they are;

01 Having Nothing To Say
02 Not creating any attraction when talking to a girl.
03 Showing that you are nervous with your body language or speech.
04 Not involving all the girls in the group.
05 Talking about the same old subjects in the first 5 mins.
06 Lame Compliments
07 Going into an approach looking for an outcome.
08 Waiting too long to approach in order to think of the right thing to say.
09 Becoming the instant friend.
10 Not touching her while talking to her.
11 Approaching when intoxicated.
We have covered the various types of guys, so now let’s move into more situational advice to speed up your success.
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