On average, a man takes around 5 minutes to reach orgasm during sex. It usually takes a woman at least 15 minutes. Premature ejaculation is an issue that a majority of sexually active men deal with at some point. Luckily, there are plenty of methods and sexual positions that will allow you to make sure she reaches her peak before you do.
Using a condom will lessen sensitivity, but it might make sex less enjoyable for you. Naturally, it is important to use this precaution if you are not in a monogamous relationship. Experimenting with different kinds of bumps and ridges will help the woman feel more pleasure, so it might be worth a try even if you use a different form of birth control.

  1. Woman on top. The basic woman-on-top position will give you less sensation. She will be in control of the angle and speed, allowing her to work her own way to orgasm. The best way to use the woman-on-top position is to sit up on a chair or at the end of the bed and let her use her feet and legs to gyrate on you. When you sit up, she can rub her clitoris against your pelvis more easily, meaning ultimate sensation for her.
  2. Reverse cowgirl is a great position because it has a great view. It is performed by having the woman mount you while she is facing away from your body. This tilts the penis downwards and puts enormous pressure on her g-spot, while you relax and enjoy without getting overly excited.
    Drinking alcohol can help you last longer, but it should be used carefully. Too much, and you might not be able to get hard at all. Drinking seems to have the opposite effect on women and can help her become confident enough to really give you her all.
    The key to lasting longer is to not worry about your performance. Allow the woman to take control and show off her moves with woman-dominated sexual positions.
    Another approach is to tire yourself out. Choosing sexual positions that takes a lot of work can also help with endurance by making it take more effort to finish.
  3. Doggystyle is a great position for lasting longer because it takes a lot of effort. However, many women do not like it because it does not stimulate the clitoris or allow for face-to-face contact. It should be used sparingly unless you are sure it is a hit with your girl.
  4. Standing. In the middle of sex, slowly have her wrap her arms around your neck, hold her securely by the back and hips, and stand up without removing your penis from inside her. This move is very impressive, and the effort of holding her weight will make it take longer for you to finish.
    Longer sex is not necessarily better sex. Using foreplay and clitoral stimulation will help a woman feel satisfied sooner. Sex that exceeds 20 minutes can cause soreness on both ends, so it is best to avoid overdoing it.